Your people determine your organization’s potential. We help your people learn and perform optimally.

Who We Are

Strategic Ascent helps organizations increase their people’s capabilities individually and collectively to achieve aspired results as effectively and efficiently as possible within a practical business context. We are a center of expertise in designing and implementing learning programs ranging from courses, multimedia, or documentation to organization-wide curricula and blended learning strategies. Drawing from global, multi-industry experience in the training profession, we consult globally with large and small organizations across many industries, markets, business functions, and topic areas on learning and human resource development projects to achieve strategic organizational results.

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We are looking to build value for our clients and our other stakeholders even before we meet them.
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To us, consulting is more than just external people you hire to help you. When you hire a consultant, you are generally putting your project, your career, and even your company on the line to get the results you are looking for. We know that you are trusting us with something critical, and we take that trust very seriously.

What We Do

Strategic Ascent provides services – such as learning design, development and facilitation – tailored to your project, team or organization. We work with any type of organization, including businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, and governmental organizations. We also integrate quickly and easily into existing learning projects.

Organizational learning is Strategic Ascent’s core competency. We focus on designing meaningful, interactive, and experiential learning experiences to promote efficient and effective learner growth toward objectives. Because of our extensive experience in corporate learning design, our learning solutions balance the learning needs of the audience with the realistic needs and constraints of the business to ensure sustainable delivery success.

Great learning solutions are sustainable over time only if they are captured in sound and easy-to-use sets of deliverables. Strategic Ascent is meticulous in creating project deliverables – such as presentation materials, learner materials, multimedia experiences, documentation, blended-learning environments, collaboration spaces, and facilitator instructions – using the optimal media for the learners in a user-friendly format to help ongoing delivery of the solutions.

Strategic Ascent’s approach to facilitation draws from a range of personal and interpersonal skills to make us useful in leading a variety of experiences. Our consultants typically facilitate project meetings to align stakeholders, identify solutions, and keep the project on track. We facilitate learning experiences to ensure the learning objectives are achieved in an effective learning environment. We also facilitate group processes and problem-solving or conflict resolution sessions managing complex group dynamics.


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Competent, user-friendly consultants

Quick understanding of your organization or project needs

Systematic approach to achieving organizational or project goals

Solid learning and performance methodologies

Thought leadership through application and research

Creativity and quality leveraged across the entire project

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