Today we brought our Fall 2017 interns to meet our client. It is always validating when the client reiterates the lessons we have been imparting on them. The meeting went great, and this semester’s project is off to a promising start.
One of our interns is from Texas A&M’s Human Resource Development master’s program. The other two are seniors in UH’s Bauer School of Business. A fourth intern from UH’s Digital Media Program will be joining us next week.

Strategic Ascent has worked with 19 interns since 2014 as a part of our ongoing college collaboration. Our interns have come from University of Houston and Texas A&M in their HRD, Business, and Digital Media programs. We have worked with candidates for bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. We strive to build relationships with colleges through internships, class projects, and program sponsorships.

Strategic Ascent, a division of Clancy Learning LLC, is a Houston training company.
Established in 2000, Strategic Ascent is a strategic organizational learning design company consulting with large and small organizations across many global industries on training and human resource development projects to help them improve their organizational results.