As part of Strategic Ascent’s ongoing Creating Great Workplaces project, Strategic Ascent staff coached students from University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business in a class project to determine what the next generation wanted in the great workplaces of the future. Sixteen UH business students participated in the project as part of their General Business course. They surveyed and conducted focus groups with their contemporaries to determine the qualities of great workplaces and how those qualities could be implemented practically in businesses. They presented their findings at the Strategic Ascent offices on November 10, 2017. This video gives highlights of that presentation.

Creating Great Workplaces is an ongoing project Strategic Ascent is conducting to determine how to design workplaces that will attract and retain talent in a framework that makes sense for businesses. So far, Strategic Ascent has included three class projects from two universities. Next semester, in addition to working with university students in class projects, Strategic Ascent plans to host dialogues between students and experienced professionals to explore workplace topics in depth.

Strategic Ascent, a division of Clancy Learning LLC, is a Houston training company.
Established in 2000, Strategic Ascent is a strategic organizational learning design company consulting with large and small organizations across many global industries on training and human resource development projects to help them improve their organizational results.