Jay Clancy, President of Strategic Ascent, presented at HR Houston’s Gulf Coast Symposium on HR Issues at Houston’s NRG Center on May 10. The topic was “Consulting for Impact – Driving Results When You’re Not In Charge.” Over 70 people attended the highly interactive and engaging session.

Session Description:
Frequently, HR management and development professionals, whether internal or external, must drive critical organizational behaviors and performance by influencing others who have authority. Your effectiveness depends on the relationships you build with your stakeholders and your ability to deliver results that are meaningful to those stakeholders. Based on twenty plus years of global consulting experience, Jay will use insightful models, humorous anecdotes, and interactive discussions to help you establish and sustain an effective internal or external consulting function in the HR management and development space.

Session Objectives:

  • Build authentic relationships with clients and key stakeholders across the organization.
  • Analyze relevant business drivers and design solutions to fit client’s business context.
  • Manage projects and project teams using systematic processes for efficient solution development and deployment.

Link to Conference Page – HR Houston

Strategic Ascent, a division of Clancy Learning LLC, is a Houston training company.
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