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Board Members of SSHRD and SHRM Student Chapters

If you are a current board member of a student chapter of SSHRD or SHRM, SA wants to reward you for the leadership responsibility you are taking on in your organization. We also want to help you get into the professional world.
Join us for an HR Houston event, and we will reimburse $20 of your meeting registration!

Here is How to Participate

1) Choose an Event & Let Us Know

Check with us about the upcoming events we plan to attend.
Email Monica at [email protected] to let us know which event you would like to attend with us (preferably a couple weeks in advance). Consider bringing a group of board members to make the event more fun.
Note that, even though we only reimburse one event, you can attend with us as often as you want.

2) Register with HR Houston

Go to the HR Houston website:
Register for the event you chose. If you are not an HR Houston member yet, join as a student member before registering so that you can get the member rate.

3) Send Us Your Receipt & Attend the Event With US

Print your receipt and either:
Send it to Monica at [email protected]
Bring it with you to the meeting.
Be sure to include your address and name you would like the check written to. We will reimburse your $20 during or soon after the event you attend with us.
Note that you must attend the event with us to be reimbursed. If you miss the event, there will usually be more chances to attend later.