Our design process translates strategic aspirations into tangible outputs and deliverables and then manages development of those outputs and deliverables to become the right products for your organization.

On the Project

We have managed hundreds of organizational learning design projects using a systematic and collaborative approach to ensure the project is completed with optimal effectiveness, efficiency, reliability, and flexibility. We start by identifying and gaining alignment with all relevant stakeholders while defining the project’s scope, goals, criteria, priorities, and constraints. We design and develop the solution and support you in its implementation to ensure it operates as designed. We monitor progress and communicate constantly to ensure we are going in the right direction. We work collaboratively with our project stakeholders to ensure alignment throughout the process, and we guide stakeholders through the steps of the process helping them gain project efficiencies and avoid common pitfalls.

Learning by design, not by chance.

Behind the Scenes

We are actually looking to build value for you before we even meet you. We engage stakeholders across industries and professions to determine where and how we can create value. We then build our company around those value propositions.

We seek the state-of-the-art in our profession to master design and development of organizational learning solutions. We also seek to master the many other capabilities necessary for us to deliver our solutions, including facilitation, consulting, business and content understanding, project execution and management, and creativity and innovation. We look to a variety of fields to improve our approach, including psychology, neurology, philosophy, artificial intelligence, business management, technical writing, graphic design, and visual and performing arts.

Our process is never about already knowing, and always about all of us learning together.

A Learning Process – Profound and Practical

Strategic Ascent, a division of Clancy Learning LLC, strives to be a thought leader in optimizing human potential. Pursuing this aspiration drives us to engage in a never-ending learning process in search of better solutions.

We strive to be both profound and practical. We seek solutions that are profound, well considered, global, and holistic. We then translate these solutions into practical formats that can be applied in actual performance to bring ever more value. In other words, we want useful solutions that actually work.

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