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Strategic Ascent designs, develops, and facilitates learning solutions tailored to your project, team, or organization. Our project approach emphasizes getting the design right and fits the final solution into your project requirements and constraints, with strategic solutions, customized programs, or facilitated interventions.

What Does a Learning Need Look Like?

Work Samples

Strategic Learning Design

A Division of Clancy Learning LLC Growing Your Organization's Capabilities

Strategic learning is a comprehensive approach to align employee capabilities with business strategies. We help you determine your desired business results for your organization, business unit, or project, then work with you to craft the right learning competencies and integrated learning approaches. Properly designed strategic learning programs optimize learning effectiveness, efficiency, and reliability across the organization.

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Strategic Learning and Curriculum Planning

Strategic visioning, planning, and alignment

Competencies and performance objectives

Integrated strategic learning approaches

Curriculum design

Employee learning and career progression plans

Learning platform design

Assessment methods and criteria

Program branding

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Organizational Development

Company needs assessment

Executive and leadership development

Organization and team development

Change management

Case Studies

Field O&M Competency Management

Client Profile

Multi-state domestic pipeline subsidiary of global energy company.

Problem/ Opportunity

Due to the proximity of pipeline operations to general populations, the pipeline industry is extremely safety conscious and highly regulated. Company recognized opportunities to increase the skills of field operations and maintenance (O&M) personnel in their area of specialization and in a range of other skills to prevent safety and environmental incidents. 


Strategic Ascent developed a comprehensive set of competencies for all field O&M roles along with a thorough assessment program. Based on competencies and assessment results, Strategic Ascent designed and developed a series of just-in-time training modules for each role. 

Project Academy

Client Profile

Upstream and downstream project organizations for global energy company.

Problem/ Opportunity

Given the wide variety and scale of project types in oil and gas companies, applying standardized processes and making the right project decisions is typically challenging for project managers. Company recognized a need to increase project competence and standardize the stage-gate project management process across all business units.


Strategic Ascent collaborated with experienced project managers from across the business, along with premier university faculty, to develop a strategic project management academy for all levels or project managers, from beginning project managers to directors of multi-billion-dollar projects. 

Customized Learning Development

Building Your Training Program 

Great learning solutions are sustainable over time only if they are captured in effective and easy-to-use programs that your company can implement on an ongoing basis. Strategic Ascent designs systematic learning experiences using proven learning and performance strategies. We are meticulous in creating training programs using optimal media in a user-friendly format to help ongoing delivery of the solutions.

Instructor-led Training – Face-to-Face, Virtual, and Blended

Presentations, Slides, Visuals

Posters, Peripherals

Demonstrations, Props

Participant guides

Facilitator guides, Logistics guides

Webinar environments

Course-branded clothing and giveaways

Activities, Assessments, and Evaluations

Activities, Simulations, Games

Activity guides, Workbooks, Worksheets,
Pre-class work


Knowledge checks and tests

Performance-based assessments

Evaluations, Surveys

Certificates, Attendance sheets

Self-Study, On-the-Job Training, Coaching, and Mentoring

Self-study guides

Coaching guide, Mentoring guides

Reflection journals

Virtual learning environments/portals

Social and network learning

Motion Media


Videos (including drone videos and 360 videos)

3D animations

Interactive Multimedia


Mobile learning


3D simulations


Documentation and References

Graphics, Illustrations, Infographics

Job aids, Quick references, Reference guides

Handbook, Manual (Policies, Procedures)

Performance support tools

Case Studies

Branch Management Training

Client Profile

International distributor of commercial and industrial insulation.

Problem/ Opportunity

Company identified opportunity to boost branch performance and profitability by increasing Branch Manager leadership competence.


Strategic Ascent designed and developed a blended-learning leadership workshop challenging Branch Managers to assess their personal, interpersonal, and management skills, then build their skills through coaching, on-the-job activities, face-to-face sessions, and job assignments.

Records Management Training Simulation

Client Profile

Global records and document management service company.

Problem/ Opportunity

Company was looking for a way to help their clients understand the basic principles behind records management. They wanted a training session to raise client awareness of the importance of records management, hopefully prompting the client to use more of company’s services.


Strategic Ascent developed an immersive, highly interactive records management game that the company could run with their clients allowing their clients to experience the importance of records management firsthand. Throughout the session, the clients are taught principles, and the game intrinsically rewards application of those principles.

Engineering Planning Training

Client Profile

Global energy engineering, technologies, and services company.

Problem/ Opportunity

Company executives recognized skill gaps among engineering department heads in project planning. Department heads, typically more comfortable as individual technical contributors, needed to develop their competence and comfort levels in the higher-level planning and management functions of projects.


Strategic Ascent aligned company executives and subject matter experts around key learning outcomes and developed a multi-day face-to-face learning experience, including intense interactive scenario activities.

Career Training & Internship Preparation

Client Profile

College preparatory school high school for low-income students.

Problem/ Opportunity

Freshman-level students, with little or no work experience or skill, needed training for internship placements in a one-week work skills program covering over 30 topics. Existing work skills program had been put together quickly, and the staff had little time to fully consider the topics.


As a pro-bono project, Strategic Ascent redeveloped over a third of the work skills program modules using a blend of content and activities to keep incoming freshman engaged. Strategic Ascent developed a materials strategy and templates providing a consistent look and function making the modules easier for inexperienced facilitators.

Centers of Excellence

Creating business results through learning requires not only state-of-the-art learning methods, but also a deep understanding of the businesses we serve. Our Centers of Excellence serve as a vehicle for us to build readily applicable expertise in key business areas.

For clients looking for solutions to gain a competitive advantage in these key areas, our Centers of Excellence provide an established foundation for us to understand their goals and start developing solutions almost immediately.

Examples of our Centers of Excellence:

Programs and Interventions Facilitation

Moving Your Business Forward

Strategic Ascent’s approach to facilitation and project management draws from a range of personal, interpersonal, and management skills to make us useful in leading a variety of processes. We facilitate learning experiences to ensure learning objectives are achieved in an effective learning environment. We facilitate group processes and manage complex group dynamics to inspire creativity, solve problems, and resolve conflicts. We also manage projects to align stakeholders with organizational strategies, identify solutions, keep projects on track, and deliver complex results reliably.

Scrabble pieces spelling out learn.

Learning and Process Facilitation

Face-to-face and virtual facilitation

Stakeholder engagement

Meeting and group process facilitation

Brainstorming, problem-solving, and decision-making

Conflict and change management

Experiential/challenge-course activities

People working around a table with laptops and sticky notes.

Project & Stakeholder Management

Aligning stakeholders

Defining scope

Designing and developing solutions

Managing agile sprints

Conducting team meetings

Monitoring progress against targets and deadlines

Coordinating logistics and communications

Case Studies

Supervisor Training

Client Profile

Global provider of temporary power generation, temperature control, and compressed air systems.

Problem/ Opportunity

HR function identified a need for training of supervisors ranging from newly identified potential supervisors to current supervisors with up to 10 years’ experience. Particular capabilities gaps were in time management, delegation, coaching, performance management, and teamwork.


Strategic Ascent formulated an interactive two-day training focused on building new leadership mental models and practicing new leadership approaches. Strategic Ascent facilitated the training to the company’s supervisors and trainers globally.

Municipal Student Outreach Program

Client Profile

Government of suburban municipality.

Problem/ Opportunity

The city council established an outreach program to engage high-school students in city affairs. After an economic downturn, the city worried about the staffing requirements of the program and searched for a way to simplify the program while maintaining the quality of the experience.


Strategic Ascent collaborated with city staff to redesign the experience to make it more in line with the city’s new direction. In particular, Strategic Ascent developed and facilitated the orientation session kicking off the experience and launching the students’ community service project.

Core Expertise

A How we Know our Solutions are right for you

Organizational Learning

Organizational learning is Strategic Ascent’s core competency. We focus on designing meaningful and interactive learning experiences to promote efficient and effective learner growth toward objectives. We use learning methods that work, based on extensive research and experience. Our learning solutions balance the learning needs of the audience with the realistic needs and constraints of the business to ensure sustainable delivery success.

 Business Results and Sustainability

Regardless of the solution, your investment is only worthwhile to the extent that it improves your organization’s health and results. We strive to understand the factors that make your organization healthy and effective, in both the long and short term, then match our solutions to those factors. Your business’s success or failure depends entirely on your people’s abilities to operate and build your business and to overcome the challenges and obstacles inherent in their work environments. Our understanding of your business can help your people perform optimally, both individually and collectively, to produce bottom-line results.


We build our business around consultants and processes optimized to ensure you get the solution you need. Our consultants endeavor to master critical consulting skills – such as client relationships, business analysis, facilitation, and project management – to collaborate with you and your team in determining and crafting the right solutions. We hone our processes, using strategic and agile approaches, to ensure the right decisions are made at the right time to deliver the value you are looking for within your project requirements.

Topics We Have Addressed

Business Capabilities

Project Management & Leadership

Stage-Gate Processes

Contributing to Projects

Front-End Project Management

Corporate Communications


Customer Service

Quality Improvement

Process Design

Cost Management & Leadership

Finance in Projects

Records Management

Hiring & Onboarding


Company & Functional Orientation

Anti-Bribery & Corruption

Assessment Training

Legal Discovery

Lean Management

Project Information Management

Operational Capabilities

Pipeline Operations & Maintenance
Medical Courier
Trucking & Delivery
Real Estate Design

Leadership/Interpersonal Capabilities

Supervision & Leadership
Technical & Commercial Leadership
Branch Management
Diversity & Inclusiveness
Presentation Skills

Sales & Marketing Capabilities

Outside Sales
Commercial Skills, Complex Deal Making
Customer Service
Oil & Gas Retail Marketing
Business Brokering

Technical Capabilities

Process Safety
Facilities Engineering
Oil Refining & Chemicals
Reservoir Engineering
Well Completions
Unconventional Oil & Gas Plays
Unconventional Well Testing
Fire & Gas Systems
Subsea Oil & Gas Technologies
Pipeline Operation & Maintenance
Instrumentation & Electrical Operations
Corrosion Control
Lubricants Product Knowledge
Automotive Product Knowledge
Intelligent Oil Fields

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