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Learning for strategic organizational results is our core expertise.

Strategic Ascent helps organizations increase their people’s capabilities individually and collectively to achieve aspired results as effectively and efficiently as possible within a practical business context.

Strategic Ascent, a division of Clancy Learning, LLC, is an organizational learning consulting company based in Houston, Texas. Established in 2000, Strategic Ascent consults globally with large and small organizations across many industries, markets, business functions, and topic areas on learning and human resource development projects to achieve strategic organizational results. Drawing from global, multi-industry experience in the training profession, we are a center of expertise in designing and implementing learning programs ranging from courses, multimedia, or documentation to organization-wide curricula and blended learning strategies. We specialize in building strategic-level learning plans to help your organization build the capabilities you need to realize your vision and desired results. We work with many types of organizations, including businesses, non-profits, educational institutions, and governmental organizations. We also integrate quickly and easily into existing design projects.

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Clients We Have Worked With

Cristo Rey Jesuit
Chevron, Chevron Pipe Line
City of Sugar Land

Plains Marketing
ABB Lumus
Designed Security Inc.
University of Houston
Pitney Bowes
Certified Business Brokers

Fleetwood Americas
Corporate Express
Dell Computer
Saint Luke’s Episcopal Hospital
Honda / Acura
Martin Brower

Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

A solution-oriented approach is central to our work. We tailor our solutions to your project, team, or organization’s needs and strive for the right solutions, at the right time, in the right way to make your organization appreciably better in the short- and long-term. We seek to design and facilitate solutions that help your employees, teams, leaders, and organization grow the right capabilities to meet the challenges and opportunities in your business environment, enabling your organization to achieve remarkably increased results.

Typical learning solutions include things such as strategic learning planning, training design, media development, and facilitation of group and learning experiences. We also offer a continually growing suite of resources – such as our Centers of Excellence – capitalizing on best practices in learning. As we continue finding better solutions, we believe that learning can bring your organization to a whole new level of performance and value.

Your people must grow their capabilities continuously to produce the results you need. Growing capabilities is what we do.

Topics We Have Addressed

Business Capabilities
Project Management & Leadership
Stage-Gate Processes
Contributing to Projects
Front-End Project Management
Corporate Communications
Customer Service
Quality Improvement
Process Design
Cost Management & Leadership
Finance in Projects
Records Management
Hiring & Onboarding
Company & Functional Orientation
Anti-Bribery & Corruption
Assessment Training
Legal Discovery
Lean Management
Project Information Management

Operational Capabilities
Medical Courier
Trucking & Delivery
Real Estate Design

Leadership / Interpersonal Capabilities
Supervision & Leadership
Technical & Commercial Leadership
Diversity & Inclusiveness
Presentation Skills

Sales & Marketing Capabilities
Commercial Skills, Complex Deal Making
Computer/Server Sales
Oil & Gas Retail Marketing
Business Brokering

Technical Capabilities
Process Safety
Facilities Engineering
Oil Refining & Chemicals
Reservoir Engineering
Well Completions
Unconventional Oil & Gas Plays
Unconventional Well Testing
Fire & Gas Systems
Subsea Oil & Gas Technologies
Pipeline Operation & Maintenance
Instrumentation & Electrical Operations
Corrosion Control
Lubricants Product Knowledge
Automotive Product Knowledge
Intelligent Oil Fields

Our Magic Formula

A solution orientation is systematically designed into our company through our expertise, our consultants, and our process.

We aspire to be a thought leader in learning and the preeminent organizational learning consulting group. We specialize in applying research- and experience-based learning approaches to strategic and tactical business challenges. We use learning methods that work, drawing on the immense body of knowledge in the learning profession to apply the appropriate strategies and media to match the particular needs of your learners and the constraints of your business environment.

We aspire to be valued assets, trusted partners, and helpful solutions in any project or situation. Consulting is a highly-complex job relying not only on skill and experience in our profession, but on a broad range of other skills and qualities such as interpersonal mastery and personal authenticity and maturity. We look for professionals who are bright, conscientious, collaborative, and passionate about the learning, then nurture their capabilities through competency-driven training on a broad range of skills, such as business analysis, relationship building, and project management.

We have managed hundreds of learning design projects using a systematic and collaborative approach to ensure the project is completed with optimal effectiveness, efficiency, reliability, and flexibility. Our design process translates strategic aspirations into tangible outputs and deliverables, and we then manage development of those outputs and deliverables to become the right products for your organization. We work with you to align stakeholders, define the scope, design and develop the solution, monitor progress, and communicate constantly to ensure we are going in the right direction.

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