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We maximize your competitive advantage and your return on investment by targeting our learning solutions to your industry/market, your products, your processes, your culture, and your employee’s learning styles. We learn your business quickly, and we can adjust the level of the training to meet your budget and timelines.

Competent, user-friendly consultants

We want you to love working with our consultants. We expect our consultants to be constantly growing in a broad range of professional, technical, interpersonal, and intrapersonal capabilities to address the highly complex challenges we face in the service of our clients. Our culture emphasizes a collaborative approach to keep you happy and get the work done properly, and we aspire to be valued assets, trusted partners, and helpful solutions in any project or situation.

Quick understanding of your organization or project needs

Our clients frequently compliment us on the speed and depth at which we can understand their organization and their business needs. Even on subjects in which we have little initial familiarity, we can start adding value almost immediately. We know that our learning solutions cannot be effective unless they account for your unique strategic, tactical, and operational business context and constraints, and thus we prioritize a deep understanding of your business and content, including business and technical constraints. Our company’s global experience spans multiple topics, industries, and sizes and types of organizations.

Systematic approach to achieving organizational or project goals

On large and small projects alike, we use a systematic, strategic approach to ensure sound results. Our design process translates aspirations into tangible outputs and then manages development collaboratively with project stakeholders to ensure the right results for your organization. All of our projects start with a deliberate consideration of the results you want to achieve. Planning is critical to ensure that the end product meets specifications with maximum return on investment.

Solid learning and performance methodologies

Our idea of a solution is more than just looking flashy or using big words. All of our solutions are built to be engaging and substantive based on the solid body of work in the learning profession with a priority on ensuring achievement of performance and learning results. Form, content, and strategy are combined to maximize impact.

Thought leadership through application and research

Strategic Ascent is continually looking for better solutions for realistic application. Our solutions are based on research and application, and seek to be both profound and practical.

Creativity and quality leveraged across the entire project

Strategic use of repeatable elements, such as templates and plans, allows us to focus creativity and conscientiousness on small segments which become quality, creative building blocks for the entire product.

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